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Specialty Vehicles

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Jaffrey’s Antique Wheel & Sleigh Hearses


Our Funeral Ark can be used with any of our Specialty Vehicles
when Cremation is chosen.


All of the following vehicles, and more, may be used as a hearse:



Ford  F-350



1941 Dodge WC-13

/media/cournoyerfh/IMG_0004small2 copy.jpg



1947 Dodge WF-32 'Memere'



Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse

The Cournoyer Funeral Home & Cremation Center remains very proud to have been able to bring this distinguished vehicle, and the added level of personalized care, to New England.

While it is no longer owned by our family, Tombstone Motorcycle Hearses continue to be available for all to use.

Ballard-Durand Funeral & Cremation Services in White Plains, New York are the new owners of our Tombstone Hearse.  We extend our heartiest congratulations to Matthew Fiorillo and his entire staff.